Accueil Tactileo Map Scenario mode in Tactileo Map

Scenario mode in Tactileo Map

Prerequisites :  Tactileo Map is installed on your Android device.

The app can be launched in two modes, either the free exploration mode (see Free exploration mode) or scenario mode that will be detailed in this tutorial.

In scenario mode, the application opens a tab that contains a list of scenarios and an Import button that allows you to add a scenario to the list. In order to do so, you need to scan a QR code related to your scenario. (see Broadcast a scenario)

Once you have selected a scenario, it is possible to start a session: a session is an interactive exercise related to the scenario.

It is possible during the session to add notes, photos, diagrams, visit the markers…

Here is a practical use of the scenario with its markers: keep in mind that the “Checked” markers have been visited.