Accueil Tactileo Map What is Tactileo Map?

What is Tactileo Map?

Tactileo Map was created to support students in school outings, it is a geomatics application that offers two modes of operation:

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How to get the Tactileo Map app?

You can get the tactileo map app for free on Android devices via

How to create a scenario?

In order to create a Tactileo Map scenario, you must register for Tactileo, it is possible to register for free.

Know more about the Tactileo project

Tactileo is one of the winners of the E-Education call for projects that was launched by the French Ministry of National Education as one of the Investments for the Future. Tactileo offers a new conception of a classroom as it mixes its available tactile interfaces ( interactive tables, tablets, interactive board and floors …) The platform was created in order to provide a real transparent educational ecosystem through the design and broadcast of interactive resources.

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