Accueil BRNE Log into your Tactileo account

Log into your Tactileo account

In order to log into your Tactileo account, you will need to use the information that has been provided to you in the registration e-mail.

Logging in requires the following information :

Through Google Chrome, open the following webpage:

Fill in the Tactileo ID  field and click OK to enter the second login page.

Then enter your login ID and password, click Connect to access the homepage of your account:

On this page it is possible to consult the following educational and digital resource banks: Maskott Sciences, Hatier-BaREM, Hatier Blick & Klick and Didier Dabei. In order to do this, simply click on the corresponding areas.

It also is possible to make a direct search thanks to the search box located at the top of the page. Based on the indexing of resources, propositions are made in accordance to the keywords you type (see Find resources).

The menu on the left allows you to: