Results and follow-up

Accueil Education Results and Monitoring

Results and Monitoring

From the page Results and Monitoring, you can easily follow the progression and results of the students to whom you broadcasted a module.

If you click on Results and Monitoring in the homepage menu, the results will be displayed in 3 different ways: 

By session 

By course 

By trainee.

These 3 ways will be detailed in the following of this tutorial.

Results by Session

Table Mode

Table is the default interface.

 At the bottom of each page, it is possible to import all of the results into Excel (.xlsx) or to download it.

Only certain items are evaluated depending on your module. If the session contains unassessed items, students won’t always have right or wrong answers to display. It is possible to see the answers to the survey through the small bubbles.

The names and results of the users can be hidden.

Platform Mode

Platform mode allows you to see the progress of your trainees in a module.

Positioning Axis Mode

You can see the axes of each participant thanks to the Positioning Axis mode.

There are two other modes:

Results by course

It is possible to follow the progress of your students when they are broadcasted a course.

1. In course, find your course and click on View results.

In this example John has validated the first module of “stage 1″.

Results by Trainee

You can see all the results of a selected trainee.

In Trainee, select your trainee and click on View Results.

The interface is divided into a few separated area: